The Scientific Committee of WGGC decided to create a database of publications on generalized convexity and generalized monotonicity. Access to the database is open to everyone, but all members of the group will receive a login and password that will permit them to add their own papers and have access to features that are accessible only to registered users. The database can be found at

Papers can be seen sorted by author's name, or year, or journal, or title (just click at “all publications” and then choose the sorting you prefer from the left-hand side menu). But the most important is that they can be seen by topic (click on “all topics” and then choose a topic – if you do this after you login, the topic tree is automatically expanded). Most recent papers have a link to the electronic paper (click at DOI), but of course you can see the full paper only if your institution has a subscription, otherwise you only get the abstract etc.

Instructions on how to add your own publications:

The database permits the addition of papers “by hand”, but this is to be avoided, not only because it is a slow procedure, but also because the data will not be complete and accurate. Instead, you should do the following, after you login:

1. Go to and find all your publications.

2. In each page, select all of your publications that are related to gc/gm by clicking the squares. In the top left of the same page, select “Citations (bibtex)” in the drop-down field, and then click at “retrieve marked”. You get your paper’s data in bibtex form. Select and copy everything between the two horizontal lines, down to the last bracket }

3. Go to our database (Aigaion) and select “import” (it is in the middle of the menu, at left). Paste the data in the field that opens. Click at import. Then you can see and review the list of publications that are to be added. The systems checks them and see if they probably exist already; in this case they are marked by red (this may happen if one of your coauthors has already put the publication). Uncheck the errors and then click again “import”. Your papers are now in the database.

4. You are not over yet: You should assign your papers to topics. Click “unassigned” (left menu, towards the top). Select one of your papers. Go at the end of the page (“Topics”) and click “categorize publication”. Select a topic or more (do not select more than 3). Click at “finish categorization”. You are done with this paper. Go again at “unassigned” to do the same with the rest of your papers.

A last word about the choice of topics: Please select the subtopics inside the main topic “Theory”, only if your paper concerns the theory of those notions. For instance, if you use quasiconvex functions in programming, you should select “B.1.1 Scalar optimization”. Select “A.2.1.1 Real-valued functions” only if your papers concerns the theory of such functions, their properties etc.

In fact, this procedure may seem long, but it becomes very fast quite soon.

We invite our members to enrich the database by adding their papers and make them accessible to the generalized convexity community.

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