GCM4 – Pécs 1992

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“IVth International Workshop on
Generalized Convexity”

Pécs (Hungary)
August 31 – September 2, 1992

The 4th International Symposium on Generalized Convexity and Monotonicity was held at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the Janus Pannonius University in Pécs (Hungary),from August 31 to September 2, 1992. About 80 participants from 17 different countries attended the conference.

Béla Martos from Budapest, well known for his early contributions to Generalized Convexity, served as honorary chairman of the conference. The proceedings of the conference have been published in a 400 page volume by Springer-Verlag.

Details on the conference proceedings are available at this link.

  • KOMLOSI Sándor (Pécs, Hungary)
  • RAPCSAK Tamás (Budapest, Hungary)
  • SCHAIBLE Siegfried (Riverside, California, U.S.A.)
  • Komlósi, S., Rapcsák T. and S. Schaible (Eds.), Generalized Convexity, Proceedings of the “Fourth International Workshop on Generalized Convexity”, held at Janus Pannonius University, Pécs (Hungary), August 31 – September 2, 1992, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, vol.405, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1994.

Details on the book are available at this page.

These are the papers selected for the Conference Proceedings :

  1. Generalized convex functions.
    • Bector C.R., Chandra S., Ghupta S. and S.K. Suneja, Univex sets, functions and univex nonlinear programming, pp.3-18.
    • Blaga L. and J. Kolumbán, Optimization on closely convex sets, pp.19-34.
    • Cigola M., A note on ordinal concavity, pp.35-39.
    • Driessen T., Generalized concavity in cooperative game theory: characterizations in terms of the core, pp.40-52.
    • Forgó F., On the existence of Nash-equilibrium in n-person generalized concave games, pp.53-61.
    • Frenk J.B.G., Gromicho J., Plastria F. and S. Zhang, A deep cut ellipsoid algorithm and quasiconvex programming, pp.62-76.
    • Hartwig H., Quasiconvexity and related properties in the calculus of variations, pp.77-84.
    • Mayor-Gallego J.A., Rufian-Lizana A. and P. Ruiz-Canales, Ray-quasiconvex and f-quasiconvex functions, pp.85-90.
    • Rapcsák T., Geodesic convexity on Rn, pp.91-103.
    • Szilágyi P., A class of differentiable generalized convex functions, pp.104-115.
    • Tosques M., Equivalence between generalized gradients and subdifferentials (lower semigradients) for a suitable class of lower semicontinuous functions, pp.116-133.
  2. Optimality and duality.
    • Bomze I.H. and G. Danninger, Generalizing convexity for second order optimality conditions, pp.137-144.
    • Dien P.H., Mastroeni G., Pappalardo M. and P.H. Quang, Regularity conditions for constrained extremum problems via image space approach: the linear case, pp.145-152.
    • Frenk J.G.B., Dias D.M.L. and J. Gromicho, Duality theory for convex/quasiconvex functions and its application to optimization, pp.153-170.
    • Giorgi G. and A. Guerraggio, First order generalized optimality conditions for programming problems with a set constraint, pp.171-185.
    • Glover B.M. and V. Jeyakumar, Abstract nonsmooth nonconvex programming, pp.186-210.
    • Mititelu S., A survey on optimality and duality in nonsmooth programming, pp.211-225.
  3. Generalized monotone maps.
    • Schaible S., Generalized monotonicity – a survey, pp.229-249.
    • Castagnoli E. and P. Mazzoleni, Orderings, generalized convexity and monotonicity, pp.250-262.
    • Komlósi S., Generalized monotonicity in non-smooth analysis, pp.263-275.
    • Pini R. and S. Schaible, Some invariance properties of generalized monotonicity, pp.276-277.
  4. Fractional programming.
    • Bykadorov I.A., On quasiconvexity in fractional programming, pp.281-293.
    • Cambini R., A class of non-linear programs: theoretical and algorithmical resiults, pp.294-310.
    • Csébfalvi A. and G. Csébfalvi, Post-buckling analysis of frames by a hybrid path-following method, pp.311-321.
    • Stancu-Minasian I.M. and S. Tigan, Fractional programming under uncertainty, pp.322-333.
  5. Multiobjective programming.
    • Cambini A. and L. Martein, Generalized concavity and optimality conditions in vector and scalar optimization, pp.337-357.
    • Bector C.R., Bector M.K., Gill A. and C. Singh, Duality for vector valued B-invex programming, pp.358-373.
    • Fülöp J., A cutting plane algorithm for linear optimization over the efficient set, pp.374-385.
    • Ishii H., Multiobjective scheduling problems, pp.386-391.
    • Marchi A., On the relationships between bicriteria problems and non-linear programming, pp.392-400.