GCM8 – Varese 2005

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Varese (Italy)
July 4-8, 2005

The 8th International Symposium on Generalized Convexity and Monotonicity was held in Varese (Italy), from 4 to 8 of July, 2005, and was organized by the Department of Economics of the University of Insubria, Varese (Italy). About 100 participants from 25 different countries attended the conference and over seventy lectures were given.

The talks covered a broad range of topics on generalized convexity. The invited speakers (I. Konnov, V. Levin, R. Lucchetti, P. Pardalos, M. Thera) also covered topics on neighboring fields.

Details on the conference proceedings are available at this link.

Available Documents


  • A. GUERRAGGIO (Varese, Italy), (Chair)
  • N. HADJISAVVAS (Greece)
  • E. ALLEVI (Bergamo, Italy)
  • M. BIANCHI (Milano, Italy)
  • G. CRESPI (Aosta, Italy)
  • G. GIORGI (Pavia, Italy)
  • A. GNUDI (Bergamo, Italy)
  • D. LA TORRE (Milan, Italy)
  • E. MIGLIERINA (Varese, Italy)
  • E. MOLHO (Pavia, Italy)
  • L. PELLEGRINI (Verona, Italy)
  • R. PINI (Milan, Italy)
  • M. ROCCA (Varese, Italy)
  • A. SETTI (Como, Italy)

“Generalized Convexity and Related Topics”, edited by I. Konnov, D.T. Luc and A. Rubinov, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, vol. 583, 469 pp., ISBN: 978-3-540-37006-2 , Springer, 2006.

Details on the book are available at this page.

These are the invited papers for the Conference Proceedings :

  • Igor V. Konnov, Combined Relaxation Methods for Generalized Monotone Variational Inequalities, p. 3
  • Vladimir L. Levin, Abstract Convexity and the Monge-Kantorovich Duality, p. 33
  • Dehui Yuan, Altannar Chinchuluun, Xiaoling Liu and Panos M. Pardalos,  Optimality Conditions and Duality for Multiobjective Programming Involving (C, a, ?, d) type-I Functions, p. 73

These are the contributed papers selected for the Conference Proceedings :

  • Elisabetta Allevi, Adriana Gnudi, Igor V. Konnov, Partitionable Variational Inequalities with Multi-valued Mappings, p. 91
  • Radu Ioan Bot, Sorin-Mihai Grad, Gert Wanka, Almost Convex Functions: Conjugacy and Duality, p. 101
  • Alberto Cambini, Laura Martein, Pseudomonotonicity of a Linear Map on the Interior of the Positive Orthant, p. 115
  • Riccardo Cambini, Rossana Riccardi, Ümit Yüceer, An Approach to Discrete Convexity and Its Use in an Optimal Fleet Mix Problem, p. 133
  • Riccardo Cambini, Claudio Sodini, A Unifying Approach to Solve a Class of Parametrically-Convexifiable Problems, p. 149
  • Giuseppe Caristi, Massimiliano Ferrara, Anton Stefanescu, Mathematical Programming with (F, ?)-invexity, p. 167
  • Laura Carosi, Laura Martein, Some Classes of Pseudoconvex Fractional Functions via the Charnes-Cooper Transformation, p. 177
  • Ouayl Chadli, Zaki Chbani, Hassan Riahi, Equilibrium Problems Via the Palais-Smale Condition, p. 189
  • Giovanni P. Crespi, Ivan Ginchev, Matteo Rocca, Points of Efficiency in Vector Optimization with Increasing-along-rays Property and Minty Variational Inequalities, p. 209
  • Ivan Ginchev, Angelo Guerraggio, Matteo Rocca, Higher Order Properly Efficient Points in Vector Optimization, p. 227
  • Ivan Ginchev, Vsevolod I. Ivanov, Higher-order Pseudoconvex Functions, p. 247
  • Giorgio Giorgi, Bienvenido Jiménez, Vicente Novo, Sufficient Optimality Conditions and Duality in Nonsmooth Multiobjective Optimization Problems under Generalized Convexity, p. 265
  • César Gutiérrez, Bienvenido Jiménez, Vicente Novo, Optimality Conditions for Tanaka’s Approximate Solutions in Vector Optimization, p. 279
  • Joachim Gwinner, On the Work of W. Oettli in Generalized Convexity and Nonconvex Optimization — a Review and Some Perspectives, p. 297
  • Reinhard John, Local and Global Consumer Preferences, p. 315
  • Davide Torre, Optimality Conditions for Convex Vector Functions by Mollified Derivatives, p. 327
  • Davide Torre, On Arcwise Connected Convex Multifunctions, p. 337
  • Laura Martein, Valerio Bertolucci, A Sequential Method for a Class of Bicriteria Problems, p. 347
  • Mariana Nedelcheva, Decomposition of the Measure in the Integral Representation of Piecewise Convex Curves, p. 359
  • Huynh Ngai, Jean-Paul Penot, Rambling Through Local Versions of Generalized Convex Functions and Generalized Monotone Operators, p. 379
  • Jean-Paul Penot, Monotonicity and Dualities, p. 399
  • Vasile Preda, Miruna Beldiman, Anton Batatorescu, On Variational-like Inequalities with Generalized Monotone Mappings, p. 415
  • Tadeusz Radzik, Wojciech Polowczuk, Almost Pure Nash Equilibria in Convex Noncooperative Games, p. 433
  • Maria Cristina Recchioni , A Spectral Approach to Solve Box-constrained Multi-objective Optimization Problems, p. 449