Proceedings of GCM2 – Canton 1986

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Singh, C. and B.K. Dass (Eds.), Continuous-Time, Fractional and Multiobjective Programming, Proceedings of the “Second Conference on Generalized Convexity”, held at the St. Lawrence University, Canton (New York, U.S.A.), July 29 – August 1, 1986, Analytic Publishing Co., Delhi, 1989.

The same content can be found also in the special issue on “Continuous-Time, Fractional and Multiobjective Programming“, published in the “Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences”, guest editor Chanchal Singh, vol.10, n.1, 1989. Print ISSN 0252-2667, Online ISSN 2169-0103,

Table of Contents

  • Schaible S., Fractional programming – some recent developments, pp.1-14.
  • Lootsma F.A., Fuzzy performance evaluation of nonlinear optimization methods, with sensitivity analysis of the final scores, pp.15-44.
  • Anderson E.J., Extreme points for continuous network programs with arc delays, pp.45-52.
  • Castagnoli E. and P. Mazzoleni, About derivatives of some generalized concave functions, pp.53-64.
  • Cambini A., Martein L. and S. Schaible, On maximizing a sum of ratios, pp.65-79.
  • Ward D., Directional derivative calculus and optimality conditions in nonsmooth mathematical programming, pp.81-96.
  • Schechter M., An extension of the Charnes-Cooper method in linear fractional programming, pp.97-104.
  • Martein L., Stationary points and necessary conditions in vector extremum problems, pp.105-128.
  • Hanson M.A., Continuous-time programming, pp.129-140.
  • Cambini A. and L. Martein, Some optimality conditions in vector optimization, pp.141-151.
  • Singh C., Continuous time multiobjective duality theory, pp.153-164.
  • Sinha S.B., Biswas A. and M.P. Biswal, Linear programming approach to solve geometric programming problem, pp.165-176.
  • Sideri E.A., A cutting plane algorithm for min-max fractional programming, pp.177-192.
  • Bector C.R. and M.K. Bector, Fritz-John sufficient optimality conditions and duality for a generalized minmax program, pp.193-205.
  • Sinha S.B. and S.V.C. Sastry, On development of an operational model for a community storage system: a case-study for a developed region, pp.207-223.
  • Castagnoli E. and P. Mazzoleni, Towards a unified type of concavity, pp.225-240.
  • Chandra S. and I. Husain, Symmetric dual continuous fractional programming, pp.241-255.
  • Sinha S.B., Rao K.A., Mangaraj, B.K. and P.K. Tripathy, Fuzzy technique to agricultural planning, pp.257-274.