Proceedings of GCM7 – Hanoi 2002

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“Generalized Convexity, Generalized Monotonicity and Applications”, edited by Andrew Eberhard, Nicolas Hadjisavvas and Dinh The Luc, Proceedings of the “Seventh International Symposium on Generalized Convexity/Monotonicity”, held at the Institute of Mathematics, National Centre for Natural Sciences and Technology, Hanoi (Vietnam), August 27-31, 2002, book series “Nonconvex Optimization and its Applications”, vol. 77, 350 pp., Springer, Hardcover ISBN 978-0-387-23638-4 (published on 19 November 2004), Softcover ISBN 978-1-4419-3647-9 (published on 29 November 2010), eBook ISBN 978-0-387-23639-1 (published on 22 June 2006), DOI

Table of Contents

  • Borwein J.M. and K. Karamanos, Algebraic dynamics of certain gamma function values, pp.3-21.
  • Burkard R.E., (Generalized) Convexity and discrete optimization, pp.23-37.
  • Mordukhovich B.S., Lipschitzian stability of parametric constarint systems in infinite dimensions, pp.39-59.
  • Tuy H., Monotonicity in the framework of generalized convexity, pp.61-85.
  • Anh P.N., Muu L.D. and J.-J. Strodiot, On the contraction and nonexpansiveness properties of the marginal mappings in generalized variational inequalities involving co-coercive operators, pp.89-111.
  • Bao T.Q. and P.Q. Khanh, A projection-type algorithm for pseudomonotone nonlipschitzian multivalued variational inequalities, pp.113-129.
  • Cambini R. and L. Carosi, Duality in multiobjective optimization problems with set constraints, pp.131-146.
  • Cambini R., Carosi L. and S. Schaible, Duality in fractional programming problems with set constraints, pp.147-159.
  • Cambini A., Martein L. and S. Schaible, On the pseudoconvexity of the sum of two linear fractional functions, pp.161-172.
  • Chouikha A.R., Bonnesen-type inequalities and applications, pp.173-181.
  • Craven B.D., Characterizing invex and related properties, pp.183-191.
  • Crespi G.P., Guerraggio A. and M. Rocca, Minty variational inequality and optimization: scalar and vector case, pp.193-211.
  • Crespi G.P., La Torre D. and M. Rocca, Second order optimality conditions for nonsmooth multiobjective optimization problems, pp.213-228.
  • Eberhard A., Nyblom M. and R. Sivakumaran, Second order subdifefrentials constructed using integral convolutions smoothing, pp.229-261.
  • Ferrer A., Applying global optimization to a problem in short-term hydrothermal scheduling, pp.263-285.
  • Govil M.G. and A. Mehra, Epsilon-optimality for nonsmooth programming on a Hilbert space,e? pp.287-297.
  • Li D., Wu Z., Lee H.W.J., Yang X. and L. Zhang, Identification of hidden convex minimization problems, pp.299-309.
  • Lin L.-J. and Y.-L. Tsai, On vector quasi saddle points of set-valued maps, pp.311-319.
  • Mishra S.K., Wang S.Y., Lai K.K. and J. Shi, New generalized invexity for duality in multiobjective programming problems involving N-set functions, pp.321-339.
  • Thach P.T., Equilibrium prices and quasiconvex duality, pp.341-350.