Proceedings of GCM9 – Kaohsiung 2008

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Special Issue published in the “Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics”, vol. 13, issue 2B, 2009, edited by I. Konnov, B. Mordukhovich, M.H. Shih and A. Rubinov. Print ISSN 1027-5487, Online ISSN 2224-6851, The journal is listed in the ISI Science Citation Index. The papers of this issue can be dowloaded free of charge from the journal’s web site.

Table of Contents

  • J.-H. Wang, S. Huang and C. Li, Extended Newton’s Method for Mappings on Riemannian Manifolds with Values in a Cone, p. 633
  • G. Mastroeni, B. Panicucci, M. Passacantando and J.-C. Yao, A Separation Approach to Vector Quasi-equilibrium Problems: Saddle Point and Gap Function, p. 657
  • G. Kassay, C. Pintea and F. Szenkovits, On Convexity of Preimages of Monotone Operators, p. 675
  • K. Dvorsky and J. Gwinner, Generalized Convexity in Nonlinear Elasticity with Applications to Unilateral Contact, p. 687
  • L.Q. Anh, P.Q. Khanh, D.T.M. Van and J.-C. Yao, Well-posedness for Vector Quasiequilibria, p. 713
  • R. Chen, Y. Su and H.-K. Xu, Regularization and Iteration Methods for a Class of Monotone Variational Inequalities, p. 739
  • J.E. Martinez Legaz, What is Invexity with Respect to the Same h?, p. 753
  • B. T. Kien, N. Q. Huy and N. C. Wong, On the Solution Existence of Generalized Vector Quasi-equilibrium Problems with Discontinuous Multifunctions, p. 757
  • E. Allevi, A. Gnudi and I. V. Konnov, An Extended Gauss-seidel Method for Multi-valued Mixed Complementarity Problems, p. 777
  • D.S. Kim and K.D. Bae, Optimality Conditions and Duality for a Class of Nondifferentiable Multiobjective Programming Problems, p. 789
  • L.-C. Ceng, S. Huang and Y.-C. Liou, Hybrid Proximal Point Algorithms For Solving Constrained Minimization Problems In Banach Spaces, p. 805
  • R.-Y. Zhong, N.-J. Huang and M.M. Wong, Connectedness and Path-connectedness of Solution Sets to Symmetric Vector Equilibrium Problems, p. 821
  • R. Cambini and R. Riccardi, On Discrete Quasiconvexity Concepts for Single Variable Scalar Functions, p. 837