New website and password reset

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Dear members of WGGC,

I am very glad to announce you that the new website of the Working Group on Generalized Convexity is now available at the usual URL:

The website has moved from Greece back to Italy. Let me take this opportunity to thank George Pyrounakis, who managed the WGGC website and the WGGC email services in these last 14 years, for his help and his devotion towards our working group (see

The new website has a “Members Area” that can be accessed via a login.

To login in the website you must use:
    – your email
    – a password


  • -> Your password is personal and not set yet !
  • -> To set your password go to the login page (see the image “1 – Login Page”) and choose “Forgot Password”. You will be redirected to the Reset page (see the image “2 – Reset Page”) which will send you an email to proceed with the password reset (see the image “3 – Reset Email”). The password must have from 8 to 30 characters.

1 – Login Page

2 – Reset Page

3 – Reset Email

With your email and password you will be able to login and to update all your personal data.

Please, keep your data updated !

Members Directories will be available as soon as possible and will be updated monthly.

For any problems, just contact me at:

I hope you will enjoy the new website.

With my warmest regards,

Riccardo Cambini
Chair, WGGC