Generalized Convexity, Monotonicity, Optimality Conditions and Duality

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Cambini A., Dass B.K. and L. Martein (Eds.), Generalized Convexity, Generalized Monotonicity, Optimality Conditions and Duality in Scalar and Vector Optimization, 389 pp., ISBN 81-901493-1-8, Taru Publications and Academic Forum, New Delhi, 2003.

The same content can be found also in the special issue on “Generalized Convexity, Generalized Monotonicity, Optimality Conditions and Duality in Scalar and Vector Optimization”, published in the “Journal of Statistics & Management Systems”, edited by Cambini A., Dass B.K. and L. Martein, vol.5, n.1-3, 2002. Print ISSN: 0972-0510 Online ISSN: 2169-0014,

Table of Contents

  • Rubinov A. and Z. Dzalilov, Abstract convexity of positively homogeneous functions, pp.1-20.
  • Andramonov M., A survey of methods of abstract convex programming, pp.21-37.
  • Bilbao J.M. and J.-E. Martinez-Legaz, Some applications of convex analysis to cooperative game theory, pp.39-61.
  • Schaible S., Fractional programming: a recent survey, pp.63-86.
  • Ramík J. and M. Vlach, Concepts of generalized concavity based on triangular norms, pp.87-106.
  • Komlósi S., Farkas theorems for positively homogeneous quasiconvex functions, pp.107-123.
  • Hadjisavvas N., The use of subdifferentials for studying generalized convex functions, pp.125-139.
  • Bector C.R. and R. Cambini, Generalized b-invex vector valued functions, pp.141-173.
  • Stancu-Minasian I.M. and V. Preda, Optimality conditions and duality for programming problems involving set and n-set functions: a survey, pp.175-207.
  • Ansari Q.H. and J.-C. Yao, Generalized vector equilibriaum problems, pp.209-225.
  • Mazzoleni P., Parametric preference structures, pp.227-252.
  • Brighi L. and R. John, Characterizations of pseudomonotone maps and economic equilibrium, pp.253-273.
  • Giorgi G. and A. Guerraggio, Characterizations, comparisons, algebraic and topological properties of tangent cones, pp.275-294.
  • Cambini A. and L. Martein, First and second order optimality conditions in vector optimization, pp.295-319.
  • Ginchev I., Higher order optimality conditions in nonsmooth vector optimization, pp.321-339.
  • Kim N.T.B. and D.T. Luc, Normal cone method in solving linear multiobjective problems, pp.341-358.
  • Weber G.-W., Generalized semi-infinite optimization: theory and applications in optimal control and discrete optimization, pp.359-388.