GCM2 – Canton 1986

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“Continuous-Time, Fractional and Multiobjective Programming”

Canton (U.S.A.)
July 29 – August 1, 1986

The 2nd International Symposium on Generalized Convexity and Monotonicity was held at the St. Lawrence University of Canton, NewYork (U.S.A.), from July 29 to August 1, 1986. About 35 participants from 11 different countries attended the conference.

The proceedings of the conference have been published in a 280 page volume by Analytic Publishing Co and in a special issue of the “Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences”.

Details on the conference proceedings are available at this link.

  • SINGH Chanchal (Canton, New York, U.S.A.)
  • Singh C. and B.K. Dass (Eds.), Continuous-Time, Fractional and Multiobjective Programming, Proceedings of the “Second Conference on Generalized Convexity”, held at St. Lawrence University, Canton (New York, U.S.A.), July 29 – August 1, 1986, Analytic Publishing Co., Delhi, 1989.
  • “Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences”, special issue on Continuous-Time, Fractional and Multiobjective Programming, guest editor Chanchal Singh, vol.10, n.1, 1989.

Details on the book are available at this page.

These are the papers selected for the Conference Proceedings :

  • Anderson E.J., Extreme points for continuous network programs with arc delays, pp.45-52.
  • Bector C.R. and M.K. Bector, Fritz-John sufficient optimality conditions and duality for a generalized minmax program, pp.193-205.
  • Cambini A., Martein L. and S. Schaible, On maximizing a sum of ratios, pp.65-79.
  • Cambini A. and L. Martein, Some optimality conditions in vector optimization, pp.141-151.
  • Castagnoli E. and P. Mazzoleni, About derivatives of some generalized concave functions, pp.53-64.
  • Castagnoli E. and P. Mazzoleni, Towards a unified type of concavity, pp.225-240.
  • Chandra S. and I. Husain, Symmetric dual continuous fractional programming, pp.241-255.
  • Hanson M.A., Continuous-time programming, pp.129-140.
  • Lootsma F.A., Fuzzy performance evaluation of nonlinear optimization methods, with sensitivity analysis of the final scores, pp.15-44.
  • Martein L., Stationary points and necessary conditions in vector extremum problems, pp.105-128.
  • Schaible S., Fractional programming – some recent developments, pp.1-14.
  • Schechter M., An extension of the Charnes-Cooper method in linear fractional programming, pp.97-104.
  • Sideri E.A., A cutting plane algorithm for min-max fractional programming, pp.177-192.
  • Singh C., Continuous time multiobjective duality theory, pp.153-164.
  • Sinha S.B., Biswas A. and M.P. Biswal, Linear programming approach to solve geometric programming problem, pp.165-176.
  • Sinha S.B. and S.V.C. Sastry, On development of an operational model for a community storage system: a case-study for a developed region, pp.207-223.
  • Sinha S.B., Rao K.A., Mangaraj, B.K. and P.K. Tripathy, Fuzzy technique to agricultural planning, pp.257-274.
  • Ward D., Directional derivative calculus and optimality conditions in nonsmooth mathematical programming, pp.81-96.